Quilt and Weavings

African Steps - Quilt by Dr. Sharon Bowman

Front side of quilt.
"African Steps" is a 58" x 58" piece of textile art that is meant to be used. Yes, you CAN hang it on the wall, but why not curl up in it instead?
It is machine pieced and quilted, and incorporates some of the artist's favorite colors: black, white, red, and shades of grey. 100% cotton fabric; polyester lining; thread. Sharon Bowman is a textile artist, and the chair of the Department of Counseling Psychology and Guidance Services at BSU.
Item Value = $600
Minimum Bid = $300
*No auction winner.

Back of quilt is mostly zebra print. A close up can be seen below.
Signed by Dr. Sharon Bowman on back.
Close-up of back.